Drive Your Business with Local SEO Best Practices

Drive Your Business with Local SEO Best Practices

Experts from large Digital Marketing companies often say, ‘Think Global, Act Local.’ There’s a lot of truth to this cliche, especially when it comes to search engines. The web might be global, but its local impact is what drives conversion, traffic and sales. Approaching SEO at the local level has become quite popular due to the nearly instantaneous results it brings – high ROI, better connectivity, enhanced local traffic and an increase in mobile users.

Local SEO & Internet Marketing by Blend Local Search Marketing

Local SEO & Internet Marketing by Blend Local Search Marketing Blend Local Search Marketing provide proven local SEO, Internet marketing services and social media management for local business owners in the UK, USA and South East Asia.

The team at Blend Local Search Marketing pride themselves on providing a fully transparent service and always aim to over deliver on customer satisfaction.

If you are not currently found on the first page of Google you are loosing out to your competitors. This is were we can help you get found in the search engines with the keywords your customers are using to find your products and services.

Call to arrange a no obligation consultation to see how we can help your business with on and offline marketing.

Or contact our Chief Operations Director – Perry Stevens if you have any specific marketing questions.

At Blend Local Search Marketing we are always happy to help you achieve success!

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10 SEO Tips For Local Businesses

10 SEO Tips For Local Businesses

10 SEO Tips For Local Businesses –

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Local Business SEO Services

Local Business SEO Services

to find out more about ALL of our Local Business Marketing & SEO Services Including:
1.) SEO Search Engine Optimization – We Guarantee 1st Page Google Ranking of your business website in your local market. Customers will find you FIRST, before your competitors! Increased customer flow = increased sales and revenues. (Our SEO Service pays for itself.) Get on the 1st page of Google & Dominate your local market before your competitors do.
2.) Mobile Website Optimization – More than half of all online searches are conducted from a mobile device nowadays, but the majority of business websites online are not properly optimized for viewing from smart phones and mobile devices. We will Convert your business website to a Mobile Friendly version and if you don’t have a website, we will CREATE a Mobile-Ready Website for your business.
3.) Facebook FanPage Creation & Management – Social Media Marketing has proven to be extremely effective for creating interest in Local Business Products & Services. A Local Business Facebook FanPage will maximally engage your community and rally them around your business name, products and services.
4.) Mobile Business Apps, Virtual Business Cards & Custom QR Codes for your business.
5.) Credit Card Processing Services – If your business does not accept credit cards, you are losing revenue. We offer Credit Card Processing Services as well.
All of our Services are ultra modern and Cutting Edge to give you total Local Market Dominance in our Modern Era.
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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) For Local Business Owners

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) For Local Business Owners

Why SEO is so important to the success of local business owners

Search engine optimisation done correctly can put your business on page one Google where 98% of the action takes place.

Video Transcript:
When we talk about search engine optimisation, of course we are talking about Google. Why? Because here in the UK Google represents 90% of all searches when people are looking for information, goods or services online. So we have to realise the fact that Google dominates.

If we are going to talk about the Google platform, you need to realise that 98% of the action takes place on page 1. This means we have got 90% of people using Google and 98% of that action taking place on page 1. Only 2% of people ever go onto page 2.

It is important to realise that it is no good just being on page 1, you want to dominate page 1 of Google. What do we mean by that? In one particular example, one particular company is in position 1, and it is also in positions 2, 3 and 5.

The other thing that you want to do when trying to dominate the page is to be the most visual. One example of standing out on the page is to have a video that stands out among the rest making it more likely to get the click.

You also want to think about things such as business directories. We all go out there and list our businesses in places like Yell and Yelp but when these business directories show up on page 1 of Google, all they will show is categories. But if you do your SEO right, you can actually get your business on that directory to actually list.

These are all different ways of getting your website or directories or videos all showing on page 1 of Google so you dominate. This is the same as the difference between being in a side street where there’s very little traffic and little happening, to being on the high street where you’ve got multiple shops on there and really dominating and bringing the money in.

There are only 2 things to worry about with search engine optimisation and one is your on page ranking factors. This is where you make sure you build up your websites and other platforms so you’re attracting the attention of Google and giving Google the right messages.

The second thing you need to do is the off page, and in other lessons we will talk about this, is the trust fortress announcement network.

This is where you have got your Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest accounts, and all of your other web 2.0 properties all linking back to your website and giving your site more authority.
What do we mean by authority? 2 of the factors that Google looks at is the domain authority and the page authority.

Your domain authority on Facebook is 100 and your page authority is 97. On Amazon you have a domain authority of 93 and page authority of 95, so these are very powerful websites. For the purpose of training, we will also show a brand new website where the domain authority and page authority are both 1.

In other words Google has built up now trust with it whatsoever and so don’t expect it to rank on page 1 of Google. Over a period of time we will change these figures and build it up.

But it is all about building up your domain and page authority and showing Google that as a local business, you are the business of choice and the most authoritative business.

When talking about your on page ranking factors, you are talking about the titles, content, whether there are videos or images on there. Another on page ranking factor is creating silos.

So if you are a plumber making sure you have a section about boilers and central heating systems. It is about creating silos and the way you structure your website.

All of these are factors that help Google rank you on their search engine and as we mentioned earlier we will also be talking about how you get your domain and page authority built up so you become the local business of choice.

This is just one of the ways we help local business owners make more money and make more profits when it comes to using all of the different online marketing strategies that are out there.

If you want to know more you can join our free training, or you can give us a phone call and we can talk to you and give a one to one consultation and give you advice.

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Google Maps Local SEO | Jupiter FL | Jupiter SEO Expert Services

Google Maps Local SEO | Jupiter FL | Jupiter SEO Expert Services

Local SEO in Jupiter FL. Google maps optimization by Jupiter SEO Expert Services. Local maps SEO for business in Jupiter Florida.

With the ascent of advanced mobile phone use in the US, (Google Android and iPhone are at present reporting about 500,000 enactments a day ) it’s more vital than any time in recent memory to have your Google spots posting up to speed on the grounds that when individuals utilization voice seek on Android telephones, the first results they see are from Google local.

82% of buyers utilization internet searchers first to discover data on the web. Shoppers are utilizing PCs, portable workstations and web empowered telephones to discover local organizations and administrations with Local Advertising. Google local Map Optimization puts your business directly under the noses of clients hoping to purchase. It gives your contact information and area with headings to local searchers searching for your item or administration.

Since the Google Maps local in Jupiter FL is visual and covers around 30% of the first page of web search tool results, it draws potential customers and makes it simple for them to interface with local organizations.

At the point when purchasers search for administrations on Google, the 3 to 7 most pertinent local organizations are shown on a guide with the organization and telephone number. Local maps can get you into these showed spots with our Local Search Marketing and Local Online Advertising battles.

Another motivation to consider Google local Places important is the late changes and upgrades that were taken off. Presently you will see the guide with local organizations shows up over the advertisements on the right side. Likewise important is that the local postings are showing up most importantly natural indexed lists and have consumed up more room, pushing the natural postings further down the page.

With the late Google dispatch of Hotpot, Google is entering the local proposal space. Hotpot consolidates Google Places, the spots you like and the spots your companions like making it considerably less demanding for individuals to settle on choices about which local organizations to belittle.

As anyone might expect, promoting on Google local maps in Jupiter FL has gotten exceptionally focused. It used to be you could essentially round out your professional reference on Google and see it in the 7 pack a couple of weeks after the fact. Nowadays, if you’re posting doesn’t have a 100% score, you can disregard being recorded in the initial 7 local organizations that Google shows for local results. That said, here are 5 things you can do to get more business from local inquiry.
SEO Jupiter FL:

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Small Business Marketing | Video SEO and Local SEO Irvine

Small Business Marketing | Video SEO and Local SEO Irvine

Small Business Marketing | Local SEO Irvine

Underdog Websites believes that marketing should be simple not confusing.
So we have chosen to focus our attention on providing clients with the best solutions for attracting new clients. If you are a business that deals only locally, then video seo and local seo would be our first step in boosting your business. We combine the engagment of video with the power of optimized local seo to bring you targeted leads from a dedicated geographic area.

Local SEO alone will improve your rankings helping your potential customers find you quicker and easier. When it comes to new visitors we always want to make it super simple for them.

Video SEO Irvine
Local SEO Irvine
PPC Irvine
Wordpress Websites Irvine

Savannah SEO AND Savannah Video Production – (912)344-4487 – Best Local Online Marketing with Videos

Savannah SEO AND Savannah Video Production – (912)344-4487 – Best Local Online Marketing with Videos

Savannah SEO AND Savannah Video Production – (912)344-4487 – CALL TO GET A FREE VIDEO FOR YOUR BUSINESS REVIEWS! – The Best Online Marketing In Savannah, Savannah Video Production, and Savannah Local SEO.

We help local businesses all throughout the Southeast to bring them in local customers and show them how to keep those customers coming back time and time again. I am a local business and Video Marketing and Production Company and you can see my website over at

To see how we can help your local business be found online by your targeted audience feel free to contact us. Even if you just want a nice video to put on your website, we can come in and film a video for you, create an animated or whiteboard video, or use your footage to create an affordable video ad.

Contact us at (912)344-4487 to see how we can help. We only take on ONE client per city for your industry, so be sure to contact us before your competition does.

SavannahOnTheWeb LLC
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Savannah SEO – Savannah Video Production


If you prefer to read; rather than watch the video, here is a slightly shortened transcript:

(00:02) Some video production and local marketing companies in Savannah can do you more harm than good; and I will explain how you can avoid that in the next few minutes…

(00:39) Nothing is worse than getting a video made that you that you soon realize was not designed correctly and was a waste of your money. It doesn’t matter what kind of video you have made…

(01:10) We have produced tons of videos for clients ranging from local businesses all the way to corporations and television shows; and we have tested the perfect formula for creating a video that will get the results you need…

(02:04) To show you exactly why we are the leading video production and marketing company in Savannah, here are a few samples to see for yourself…

(02:44) We are the top ranked video marketing, video production, and SEO Company in the Southeast. You can go right now and search for “Savannah Video Production” or “Savannah Video SEO” and see us there at the top…

(03:16) When you call to place your video production and marketing order with us, mention THIS VIDEO and we will create an additional marketing video and rank it for you for FREE just to prove to you we are the best. The video we’ll create and rank for you (that’s on the house) is what we call a review video. We will put only your best reviews in a video for you and rank it…

(04:01) We normally charge 7 for these review videos but if you call, mention this video, and order your video production and marketing with us we will throw it in for free and rank it. And what the heck… if you just want to try us out first, you can get just the review video for only (which is actually 75% off of the normal investment)…

(04:34) So you get a 7 value if you call and mention this video right now. You will not find anyone who will give you so much value up front and give you both an extremely high quality video and the formula to make that video a highly converting client getting machine. But on top of that I want to add in a bonus guarantee so you have absolutely no risk. If I don’t get your video ranked on page 1 of google, in front of people looking up your reviews, I will not only give you double your money back…

(05:32) One last thing to keep in mind is that when we become your Video Production and Video Marketing Company, we give our customers absolute exclusivity. We only work with one business in your area, meaning that if you’re a plumber in Savannah, we will only work with one plumber no matter how many plumbers in Savannah call us…

(06:07) So go ahead and call (912) 344-4487 and ask for Charles. I am looking forward to talking with you.

Savannah SEO – Savannah Video Production


Show Off Your Reviews in a Video for Your Business. Call (912) 344-4487 and ask how you can get it for FREE. If you have any questions, PLEASE don’t be afraid to ask.

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Savannah SEO – Savannah Video Production